I’m just a young boy, trying to get my money on
Making music in K.C., he-he-he-he-he
But Mitch Bade nigga’s, wanna hate Techa Nina,
And they won’t stop fucking with me, so I’ma fuck wit nigga’s
Na-na-na-na-na, you can not fuck with
That nigga Tech N9ne, coming wit that rough shit
Them niggas know that I deserve it when they heard it
Had the nerve to say its nothing, nigga, so I got to bust this
Be Jealous, This is dedicated to all ya’ll hater’s
Be Jealous, I see ya’ll watching me when I walk in the club
Be Jealous, This is dedicated to all Mitch Bader’s
Be Jealous, You mother fucker’s ain’t showing Tech Nina no love